How Tiger Exchange Works

Tiger Exchange is designed to provide you with two sets of clean, stainless steel filters for your exhaust hoods at minimal cost. 

Schedule your exchange now in three easy steps:


Fill out our easy form to schedule your custom filter exchange audit.


Our certified technicians will come to exchange your filters.


Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new EPA-approved filters!

Finding Trusted Technicians For You

We know inviting someone to work in your kitchen is a big deal. All Tiger Exchange technicians are carefully vetted by us to ensure that you have the right people in your restaurant.

We guarantee your Tiger Exchange technician will always be:

Your Trust and security are our priority

Saves you time

Unless you’re using the right combination of chemicals, there’s no way to clean the inside of a filter. Tiger Exchange brings professionally cleaned filters with ZERO hassle.

Safety First

Not only does our filter exchange save you from dangerous grease build-up and potential flash fires, but it also protects you from the hazards associated with cleaning your filter.

Only the best quality

We only use premium NFPA 96- and UL-approved, stainless steel filters for your restaurant’s needs. We'll measure your hoods to make sure that we're using filters that fit your kitchen.

Easy to get help

Our free estimate tool makes it simple to prepare for your next filter replacement—even during your kitchen’s rush time.

Seamless communication

Call, email, or use our inquiry form to receive quick answers to all your questions about our filter exchange services.

Cash-free payment

We accept most major credit cards for your convenience and peace of mind.

You're a Step Away From Clean Filters